The Stars Have Spoken...

"I love Billy Yates' singing... I think he's one of the best country singers out there!" -- Kenny Chesney

"I just can't say enough about Billy Yates. I think he's a fabulous singer and a fabuous songwriter and someone who is going to be the biggest star!" -- Sara Evans

"When I asked the question, 'Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes', it was before I knew about Billy Yates. When it comes to great country singers and great country songwriters, they don't get any better than Billy. I guess you could say the ol' possum is a Billy Yates fan!" -- George Jones

"When it comes to Billy Yates, he's a hell of a songwriter and a hell of a singer. Keep your eye on him... he's gonna be there!" -- Montgomery Gentry

I've known Billy Yates for a long time and I'm gonna tell you something... The thing I like about him is he's country, he's proud of it, and he's genuine. What you see with Billy Yates is what you get and what I see, I like a lot!" -- Bill Anderson

"Billy Yates is the real thing baby! If he keeps singing the way he is now, he's gonna be the one that fills the shoes of our great traditional country artists when the time comes. I love what he's doing!" -- Loretta Lynn