Billy Yates has recorded fourteen CD’s total, having released twelve of them, leaving two full CD’s “in the can”. One of those is the CD produced by Ray Baker for Curb Records in 1992 and the second one was a CD produced by Garth Fundis and Billy for Columbia Records nine years later in 2001. Six more songs were produced by Blake Chancey for Sony that same year. Those six songs were never released. The following is a full discography of all of the CD’s that have been released along with all writer/co-writer information:

BILLY YATES - Almo Sounds, June 17, 1997

1. I Smell Smoke (Billy Yates/Lee Thomas Miller/Monty Criswell)

2. Would You Believe Me If I Lied (Billy Yates/Kostas)

3. Choices (Billy Yates/Mike Curtis)

4. Honky Tonk Baby (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery)

5. Mama Said (Billy Yates/Lee Thomas Miller/Melba Montgomery)

6. Goodbye Makes the Saddest Sound (Billy Yates/Monty Criswell)

7. When the Walls Come Tumbling Down (Billy Yates/Monty Criswell)

8. Broken Hearted Me (Billy Yates/Monte Warden)

9. Long Neck Connected to the Beer Joint (Billy Yates/Monty Criswell/J.T. Blanton)

10. Easier Said Than Done (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery)

11. Flowers (Billy Yates/Monty Criswell)

This CD is currently out of print

IF I COULD GO BACK - M.O.D. Record Label, 2002

1. Too Country And Proud Of It (Billy Yates/Austin Cunningham)

2. In The Light Of Day (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery)

3. A Better Place (Billy Yates/Trent Tomlinson)

4. I Think I Like It (Billy Yates/Jerry Salley)

5. If I Ever Get Her Back (Billy Yates/Billy Lawson)

6. You’ll Never See Me Crawl (Billy Yates/Monty Criswell)

7. As The Crow Flies (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery)

8. Daddy Had A Cardiac And Mama’s Got A Cadillac (Billy Yates/Craig Wiseman/Rex Wiseman)

9. They Don’t Make Us Like They Used To (Billy Yates/Austin Cunningham)

10. If I Could Go Back (Billy Yates/Lee Thomas Miller)

COUUNTRY - M.O.D. Record Label, 2003

1. Down At The Station (Billy Yates/Paul Overstreet)

2. What We Don’t Have (Billy Yates/Jerry Salley)

3. I Just Can’t Trust Myself With You (Billy Yates/Billy Lawson)

4. Me, Marie (Billy Yates/Roger Brown)

5. Daddy’s Radio (Billy Yates/Chris Dubois)

6. A Day I Never Will Forget (Billy Yates/Rory Lee)

7. Smokin’ Grass (Billy Yates/Shannon Lawson)

8. Dreaming Out Loud (Billy Yates/Michael Woody)

9. Hold Me (Billy Yates/Pat Bunch)

10. Country (Billy Yates)

11. Wrong Side Of The Bed (Billy Yates/Cory Mayo/Jay Knowles)

12. I Pray (Billy Yates/Irene Kelley)

13. That’s Just Me (Billy Yates/Terry Clayton)

14. Let’s Go (Billy Yates/Terry Clayton)

ANYWHERE BUT NASHVILLE - M.O.D. Record Label, 2004

1. Anywhere But Nashville (Billy Yates/Jeff Stevens)

2. All By My Lonesome (Billy Yates/Terry Clayton)

3. This Song Doesn’t Rock (Billy Yates/Dean Miller)

4. The Best Thing In The World (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

5. What Are We Thinkin’ (Billy Yates/Ben Hayslip)

6. Blinded By The Bud Light (Billy Yates/Buddy Owens)

7. Roxanne’s Bayou (Billy Yates/Donny Lowery)

8. Love Is Standing Still (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

9. Alcohol Abuse (Billy Yates/Kim Williams)

10. Blue Ain’t Just A Mood (Billy Yates/Wil Nance)

11. I’m Just Drinkin’ (Billy Yates/Roger Brown)

12. Nothin’ Bigger Than Our Love (Billy Yates/Wil Nance)

13. My Infinite Love (Billy Yates/Byron Hill/Annette Grossberg)

14. You’re Why God Made Me (Billy Yates/Wil Nance)

15. American Voices (Billy Yates/Terry Clayton)

Bonus Christmas Track:

16. Little Annie’s Christmas Wish (Billy Yates/Larry Holden)

HARMONY MAN - M.O.D. Record Label, 2005

1. Harmony Man (Billy Yates/Jeff Stevens)

2. I Don’t Think You’re Pretty (Billy Yates/Wil Nance)

3. Forever For A While (Billy Yates/Kris Bergsnes)

4. Her Only Downfall (Billy Yates/Billy Lawson)

5. Alone Some (Billy Yates/Gary Harrison)

6. Brothers (Billy Yates/Wil Nance)

7. The Circus Is Over (Billy Yates/Kris Bergsnes)

8. I Wouldn’t Want To Be Her Man Tonight (Billy Yates/Mark Irwin)

9. Teach Me Tonight (Billy Yates/Wil Nance)

10. The Perfect Woman (Billy Yates/Billy Lawson)

11. Every Man (Billy Yates/Bart Butler)

12. No Part Of (Billy Yates/Wil Nance)

13. Talk About Sufferin’ (Traditional arrangement by Billy Yates)

FAVORITES - M.O.D. Record Label, 2006

1. Better Every Beer (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

2. Choices (with George Jones) (Billy Yates/Mike Curtis)

3. Too Country And Proud Of It (Billy Yates/Austin Cunningham)

4. In The Light Of Day (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery)

5. A Better Place (Billy Yates/Trent Tomlinson)

6. Daddy Had A Cardiac and Mama’s Got A Cadillac (Billy Yates/Craig Wiseman/Rex Wiseman)

7. Down At The Station (Billy Yates/Paul Overstreet)

8. Me, Marie (Billy Yates/Roger Brown)

9. Daddy’s Radio (Billy Yates/Chris Dubois)

10. Smokin’ Grass (Billy Yates/Shannon Lawson)

11. Dreaming Out Loud (Billy Yates/Michael Woody)

12. My Infinite Love (Billy Yates/Byron Hill/Annette Grossberg)

13. Anywhere But Nashville (Billy Yates/Jeff Stevens)

14. Roxanne’s Bayou (Billy Yates/Donny Lowery)

15. This Song Doesn’t Rock (Billy Yates/Dean Miller)

16. All By My Lonesome (Billy Yates/Kris Bergsnes)

17. The Circus Is Over (Billy Yates/Kris Bergsnes)

18. Alcohol Abuse (Billy Yates/Kim Williams)

19. The Perfect Woman (Billy Yates/Billy Lawson)

20. Harmony Man (Billy Yates/Jeff Stevens)

21. Flowers (Billy Yates/Monty Criswell)

THAT’S WHY I RUN - M.O.D. Record Label, 2008

1. Like A Radio (Billy Yates/Wil Nance)

2. One House Over, Two Streets Down (Billy Yates/Roger Brown)

3. I Don’t Know How To Live (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

4. That’s Why I Run (Billy Yates/Billy Ryan/David Kroll)

5. Standin’ In My Way (Billy Yates/Jim McCormick)

6. Take Me Back And Keep Me There (Billy Yates/Byron Hill/Bob Minner)

7. There When He Falls (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

8. That Makes One Of Us (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

9. Life (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

10. She Didn’t Say A Word (Billy Yates/Roger Brown)

11. Happy (Billy Yates/Billy Ryan/Nicole Witt)

12. Under Your Bed (Billy Yates/Wil Nance/Paul Overstreet)

13. A Man Who Knows (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

BILL’S BARBER SHOP - M.O.D. Record Label, 2010

1. Famous For Bein’ Your Fool (Billy Yates/Mark Irwin)

2. Tell Me I’m Wrong (Billy Yates/Billy Ryan/Carson Chamberlain)

3. Margarita Meltdown (Billy Yates/Bart Butler/Jason Allen)

4. Bill’s Barber Shop (Billy Yates/Monty Criswell/Cal Sweat)

5. I’d Do It For You (with Nicole Broussard) (Billy Yates/Sunny Sweeney)

6. The Alphabet Song (Billy Yates/Bart Butler)

7. It Goes Without Sayin’ (Billy Yates/John Ramey)

8. Already Gone (Billy Yates/Buddy Cannon)

9. Fishin’ Around (Billy Yates/Jeff Stevens)

10. Get Ready, Get Set, She’s Gone (Billy Yates/Philip Douglas)

11. Wayward Ways (Billy Yates/Leslie Satcher)

12. I Just Can’t See It (Billy Yates/Irene Kelley)

13. One Beer A Day (Billy Yates/Bart Butler)

14. This Pain Inside Of Me (Billy Yates)

JUST BE YOU - M.O.D. Record Label 2011

1. MFC (Mama's Fried Chicken) (Billy Yates)


3. WHAT GOES AROUND (Billy Yates)

4. OUR HOUSE OF LOVE (Billy Yates)

5. SHE'S MY COUNTRY GIRL (Billy Yates)

6. DRUNK ON LOVE (Billy Yates)


8. JUST BE YOU (Billy Yates)

9. A MOTHER'S LOVE featuring Grayson Yates (Billy Yates)

10. ON MY WAY (The Norway Song) (Billy Yates)

11. WHAT GOES AROUND dance remix (Billy Yates)

ONLY ONE GEORGE JONES- M.O.D. Record Label 2013


2. I LEARNED A LOT (Billy Yates/Billy Lawson)

3. THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT (Billy Yates/Jerry Salley)

4. THE MAN I USED TO BE (Billy Yates)

5. SHE AIN'T GOT NOBODY (Billy Yates)


7. TILL THE OLD WEARS OFF (Billy Yates/Jerry Salley)

8. THE SHOULDER (Billy Yates/Casey Beathard)

9. IT WASN'T THAT FUNNY (Billy Yates/Donny Lowery)

10. I'M A ONE BAND MAN (Billy Yates)

11. CHILL MY BEER (Billy Yates/Byron Hill)

12. THE FATHER AND THE SON (Billy Yates/Tom Douglas)

13. SAD SONGS (Billy Yates/Jamie Teachenor)

14. A COUNTRY BOY JUST DON'T CARE (Billy Yates/Robby Vaughn)

15. THAT'S YOUR MEMORY ON MY MIND (Billy Yates/Monty Criswell)

 Bonus Track:

16. CHOICES (with George Jones) (Billy Yates/Mike Curtis)

THESE OLD WALLS- M.O.D. Record Label 2015

1. HER OLD STOMPIN' GROUNDS (Billy Yates/Lee Thomas Miller)

2. NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery/Tommy Polk)

3. THESE OLD WALLS (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery)

4. FALLIN' ALL OVER MYSELF (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery/Monty Criswell) 

5. SHE'S GOT A HEART (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery/Tommy Polk)

6. YOU MUST BE OUT OF YOUR MIND (Billy Yates/Lee Thomas Miller/Monty Criswell)

7. ZEROS (Billy Yates/Lee Thomas Miller/Monty Criswell)

8. IT'S JUST A SCRATCH (Billy Yates/Melba Montgomery/Monty Criswell)

9. WAITIN' FOR THE WORLD TO TURN MY WAY (Billy Yates/John Northrup)

10. CARRY ON (Billy Yates/Lee Thomas Miller)

11. POTTER'S HANDS (Billy Yates)

12. THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE (Billy Yates/Bill Able)


“A Bridge I Didn’t Burn”, Ricky Van Shelton 

"Alcohol Abuse", Michael Peterson

"Alcohol Abuse", Doug Bruce (Australia) 

"All By My Lonesome", Charley Pride

"Alone Together", Rhonda Vincent & Gene Watson

“Am I”, Joe Diffie

"Angels Around Her", Irene Kelley

“Choices”, George Jones, “Song of the Year” Grammy Nomination.   

“Choices”, Bettye Lavette

"Choices", Big B (Norway)  

"Choices", Leonard Cohen

“Cowboy For A Day”, Adam Harvey (Australia)  

“Cowboys And Indians”, Savannah (Holland)  

“Daddy Whipped The Devil”, Ken Holloway (Christian Country number 1 single)  

“Dream Of You”, Savannah (Holland) 

“Flowers”, Gene Watson  

“Flowers”, Chris Young  

“Flowers”, Adam Harvey (Australia)  

"From Good To Bad To Worse To Gone”, Ricochet  

“God’s Green Earth”, Tracy Lawrence  

“Hello Heart”, George Jones  

“Hold Me”, Gene Watson  

“Honky Tonk Baby”, Ricochet 

"Honky Tonk Baby", Zona Jones 

“Honky Tonk Baby”, Savannah (Holland)

"Honky Tonk Baby", Rolf Fritschi (Switzerland) 

“Honky Tonk Song”, George Jones  

“I Ain’t Fallin’ For That”, Sammy Kershaw  

“I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair”, George Jones with Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Pam Tillis, Joe Diffie, T Graham Brown, and Travis Tritt, MCA Records, 1993 CMA Vocal Event of the Year 

“I Like My Music Country”, Savannah (Holland)

"I Like My Music Country", Rolf Fritschi (Switzerland) 

“If I Ever Get Her Back”, Joe Nichols  

“If I Ever Get Her Back”, Daryle Singletary  

“If I Ever Get Her Back”, Chad Austin  

“If You Ever Want My Lovin”, Sara Evans  

“I Pray”, Irene Kelley  

"It Wasn't That Funny Back Then", Charley Pride

“I’ve Got A Quarter In My Pocket”, Gary Allan

"I've Got A Quarter In My Pocket", Mark Chesnutt

"Just Be You", Robert Mizzell (Ireland)  

“Little Annie’s Christmas Wish”, Oak Ridge Boys  

“Long Neck Connected To The Beer Joint”, J.T. Blanton  

"Louisiana Rendezvous”, Adam Harvey (Australia)  

“My Father Is The King”, The Freemans  

“My Infinite Love”, George Strait  

"My Reputation”, Savannah (Holland)  

“One Kiss”, Savannah (Holland)

"Only Me", Rhonda Vincent and Willie Nelson 

“A Place Like This”, David Allan Coe  

“A Self Inflicted Wound”, David Allan Coe

"Say Me Marie", Jimmy Buckley (Ireland)

"She Hasn't Left Me Yet", Rolf Fritschi (Switzerland) 

"She Took His Breath Away", Red Jenkins (Sweden)

“Smokin’ Grass”, Shannon Lawson  

“Somethin’ In The Water”, Oak Ridge Boys  

"Standing In My Way", Charley Pride

“Sweet Perfume”, Matt King  

“Sweet Perfume”, Travis Tritt

"Tennessee", Roly Daniels (Ireland) 

“Textosterone”, Dallas Wayne  

"That's What I Like About A Country Song", Aaron Watson

“That’s Your Memory On My Mind”, Tracy Lawrence  

“The House That Jack Built”, Adam Harvey (Australia)

"The House That Jack Built", Derek Ryan (Ireland) 

“The Lone Ranger”, George Jones  

“The Long Way”, Doug Stone  

“These Days”, Sara Evans  

“This Song Doesn’t Rock”, Joe Nichols  

“Turn For The Worse”, Kenny Chesney  

“Turn For The Worse”, Dude Mowrey  

“Turn For The Worse”, Dean Dillon

"Under Lock and Key", Rolf Fritschi (Switzerland) 

“Walls Can Fall”, George Jones  

“We’ve Got A Pulse”, Gene Watson and Trace Adkins  

“What Would Jesus Do”, Adam Gregory  

“When The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down”, Savannah (Holland) 

“You’re Why God Made Me”, Tracy Lawrence
















































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