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Billy Yates: blog

Looking forward to another fun season in Branson!

Posted on January 25, 2019 with 0 comments

Hey, all... I thought I'd start this blog just so I could stay in closer touch with any and all who enjoy keeping up with what I'm up to. That said, here's my first attempt at posting here...

You may already know that Nancy, Grayson, and I have fallen in love with Branson, Missouri. We reluctantly went there a few years ago to help start up a new show called Raiding the Country Vault. Well, we ended up having so much fun that now, we've decided to spend even more time there. We still have our place in Nashville and Grayson is in his senior year in high school. We are back and forth and balancing both places for now. The plan is that Grayson will more than likely attend college in Tulsa, OK and Nan and I will put down more roots in Branson.

In addition to Raiding the Country Vault show, we decided to start our own show. It's called Billy Yates' Hit Songwriters in the Round. I'm excited that both shows will be at the Americana Theatre in Branson this year. If you can, please come see us! You'll love both shows... I just know you will!

The break between seasons in Branson has been a busy one. After the 2018 shows were completed, we went to D.C. for Nan's Christmas party. That was a blast! We got to stay at the Trump Hotel there for a few days. After that, we went back to Branson for Christmas, then headed to Gatlinburg for New Years, then I was back in Branson taking care of more business... so as you can tell, it's been pretty crazy! Now, I'm headed to Louisville for the big ABA bus convention. After that, I'll get to be home for a few weeks before heading back to Branson to work on the Country Vault set and to get things ready for our 2019 season.

Well, that's about all I know... Talk more soon...